Co-Owner And Head Coach
By trade and by title, I am a Strength and Conditioning coach. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. In college, I was a two-sport athlete, playing Strong Safety on the highly competitive NCAA D1 SEC football team and competing in Olympic Weightlifting as a 94/105kg weightlifter on the National Stage. In addition to focusing on my own training, I worked as a strength and conditioning/performance coach with various teams and programs. I coached NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS athletes in Miami, FL as well as in a university setting with Olympian Head Coach Jianping Ma where I was the assistant coach on the USA National Championship Weightlifting Team. I also have a plethora of experience as a personal trainer with a wide range of 100+ individual clients in the Kentucky and St. Louis area. Now through PathWeigh Performance I have had the opportunity to coach athletes from all over the United States and the world.

Through these experiences, I discovered my passion for helping people achieve their goals and improve their lives. This path has led me to build a diverse and successful track record across a range of skill levels, athletic disciplines, and training facilities.

I have developed my science-based methodologies, philosophy on empirical and performance based results, and the deep appreciation of my returning clients by learning, through experience, what works and what doesn’t, what motivates and what discourages each individual athlete, and what truly differentiates one athlete from the next. I strive to create the highest performing athletes and individuals through my approach to training by focusing on developing equal parts mind and body. And just like in my own athletic career, my goal with every client, regardless of age, skill level, and personal pursuit, is to help him or her discover the greatness inside of them, reach their true potential, and become the person they've always wanted to be.

PathWeigh Performance is a USA Weightlifting Club that started as an idea to help people who's goal was to get stronger. Olympic Weightlifting is my passion. I use it to help people become stronger and realize what they are truly capable of.